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• The Albert A-Tune System™ is now standard on DaRedDrum™.

• Drums start at $440 + $30 shipping US.

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Albert says,
“Don’t forget to support your country. Buy American!”


A few unbiased opinions about Albert Alfonso drums …

“My introduction to Irish music and early experiences as an accordion player shaped my approach to playing the bodhrán. I gained not only a sense of melody, but a love and understanding of the tunes. This led me to want to make a drum that is more than just  percussive. I wanted a drum that has the ability to be thought of, treated like, and made to sound an integral part of the melody.”

Albert Alfonso

“You really have got it figured out.”
Tommy Hayes

“This is a very nice drum. This is the nicest

American-made bodhrán I have ever seen.”

Johnny “Ringo” McDonagh

“If anyone, anywhere makes a better drum,

I don’t know who or where they are.”

Frank Torpey

“I want this drum! Albert, your spelling is atrocious.”

Seamus Egan


“The Beatles had the Maharishi. In traditional

Irish music, we have Albert.”

Jimmy Keane


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