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Drums by Albert Alfonso …

Where’s AlbertWheres_Albert.html



Drum SIzes 12- to 16-inch

(13- and 15-inch not shown)


Raw goatskin head
Albert A-Tune System™               
4" x 14”, 4" x 15”, or 4" x 16" 

4" x 12", natural finish


Call for custom drum quote


If you have any questions about details, the telephone is by far the best way to discuss these things: 214.679.9223.


If you have other questions or wish to discuss a purchase, please call or send an email:


Mastercard and Visa payments are welcome.


Drums start at $440 + $30 shipping US. Exchanges may be made within 30 days. Very sorry, no refunds.

Many of these new drums have come about from successful customer suggestions, usually people wanting to try a new type of skin while keeping the advantages of my rims and tuning system.

After years of work, finally a drum that requires only an opposable thumb to tune. (Sorry, you other living beings out there!) All my drums now use use my A-Tune System (designed by me) — just three pressure points to tune using a simple wheel. Combined with a calfskin or goatskin head (designed by me) to your specifications of thickness and flexibility, this drum is the apex of playability and tuning ease, not to mention its beautiful blonde finish.

I worked on it for many months and determined that the best way to go is to have it with only one highly variable option, not cosmetic (all dimensions, and color of the frame, to be the same), but a wide range of skin thickness, and only as a translucent calfskin. As with DaRedDrum™, just let me know what sound you are after and I will pick the skin. To my knowledge, I am the only drum maker that picks out a skin based on where you live (different skins do better in different climates). Get in touch so I can build you the drum of our dreams.

For those who want an extremely thin calfskin (top end) in any size, well … I will do that now also. For the thin skins only, I am loading the inside of the drum with an applied translucent flexible coating of my own concoction. With calfskin, I can hand mill (no machine, ever!) to the exact thickness you want in millimeters.


Raw calfskin or goatskin head

Albert A-Tune System™

4" x 14”, 4" x 15”, or 4" x 16"
4" x 13", special order only

My hand-crafted, original-design drums possess qualities that you will not find together in any other drum. The result: An exceptionally musical and responsive instrument. Drums start at $440 + $30 shipping US.

  • Complete brass tuning systems (specific alloy). Albert A-Tune System™ now standard.
  • Raw goatskins and calfskins not subjected to the standard commercial (semi-tanned) process that every American drum (and too many Irish drums) go through.
  • Available in a variety of tones. All this really means is this: Tell me what you want your drum to sound like and that's the kind of drum I'm going to send you.    
  • A truly unique mounting process.
  • Six-ply hot-resin rolled-poplar rims with a birch veneer.
  • Two-step aniline dye and tung oil antique-mahogany stain, with a heavy lacquer application buffed to a fine finish.
  • Two rows of French patina brass tacks.
  • Trim guard. Very lush.

Due to popular demand, I have added a thing or two and brought back drums that I have not made in 10 years.




The “look and feel” of Albert Alfonso bodhráns (brass on brass interior plus brass tacks on hair on the exterior), the Albert A-Tune System, and Albert’s Pre-Timpani Calfskin Heads are protected under trademark law.

Need a drum case? I recommend Blue Heron. It’s what I use.

About  AlbertAbout_Albert.html